The Dougherty Arts Center is now accepting applications for both established and emerging artists in ceramics and darkroom for our Visual Artist Residency - Volunteer Work Exchange Program.

The deadline to apply for this work-exchange position is Friday, February 1, 2019.

The Dougherty Arts Center (DAC) is an award-winning cultural arts center that offers a variety of visual, performing and digital arts experiences for a broad audience through its three programs - the Dougherty Arts Center Theater, the Julia C. Butridge Gallery and the Dougherty Arts School.

The Visual Artist Residency - Volunteer Work-Exchange Mission
The Visual Artist Residency Program strives to provide visual artists with the space, facilities, time and professional interaction that will foster and further develop their ideas, skills, abilities and focus as practicing artists. The Visual Artist Residency Program will nurture the development of the studio’s creative environment for DAC students. This is a work exchange program where resident artists are expected to create outreach opportunities within our community such as teaching workshops, giving public presentations, critiques and monitoring our independent study program and open studio hours.  Residency term is six months, renewable for another six months (1 year total).

There are two levels of the Visual Artist Residency; Emerging Artist and Established Artist.

Emerging Artist
Emerging Visual Artist Residencies are available to promising artists in their foundational years that are committed to advancing their own work and exploring a potential professional career. We encourage applicants who would like to make art and creativity a continuing part of their lives, even if they have not pursued it in a post-secondary institutional setting.
Established Artist
Established Visual Artist Residencies recognize and support artists whose work demonstrates exceptional artistic merit, who have already proven their abilities, and are at a career stage that is beyond emerging. Ideal applicants have experience with studio operations, have developed a body of work and need the time and space to further develop as a professional artist, and have a desire to share their knowledge with the community.

Goals of the Visual Artist Residency Program
1. Support visual artists as they engage in meaningful work.
2. Support the visual arts as an integral component of a vibrant community and thriving economy.
3. Forge and sustain partnerships and creative collaborations within the community.
4. Foster sustainable growth and development of the creative community.
5. Support visual artists in developing their body of artwork as well as a career in the arts through opportunities for education, exhibition, and leadership.
6. Enhance the presentation of, and diversity within, emerging and established visual artists in Austin.

Emerging Artist Eligibility:
1. Applicants must be visual artists over 18 years old who live in the Austin area (within Bastrop, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Hays, Travis or Williamson counties).
2. Applicants may not be a current City of Austin employee, contractor, or vendor; or become one during the Visual Artist Residency.
3. Applicants must agree to and clear a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) if selected as the top candidate.
4. Applicants must be CPR/first aid/AED certified, or agree to obtain certification within 30 days of the Visual Artist Residency start date if selected as the top candidate.
5. A college degree is NOT required to apply for this Visual Artist Residency.
6. Documentation of experience within the field of application must be provided through the Artist’s Résumé and/or Letters of Recommendation.
7. Current Visual Artist Residency recipients may not apply again until two years after the end date of their award.
Established Artist Eligibility:
Includes the above requirements and the below preferred qualifications:
1. Applicant has received a college degree within the field of application.
2. Applicant has experience with studio operations within field of application (loading/firing kilns, mixing darkroom chemicals, etc.).
3. Applicant has previous experience with Community Engagement and/or leading workshops or classes.
4. Applicant has current representation through galleries, publications, etc.


  • Shared studio space, accessible during building hours with designated storage. Working during scheduled classes is allowed, provided that registered students have priority for space and equipment.
  • Materials stipend: Emerging Artist - $100 per six-month term, Established Artist - $200 per six-month term
  • Representation on the Dougherty’s website and marketing including newsletters and social media
  • Art Exhibition at completion of residency
  • Access to the Dougherty’s computer lab and Adobe Creative Cloud, including assistance from our Digital Arts Instructor during lab hours

Ceramics Specific Benefits
Studio glazes and firing are covered under the residency. There is unlimited firing in electric kilns, limited raku firing when a trained Instructor or Ceramics Technician is present, and limited firing in the Cone 10 gas kiln. Dougherty Arts Center student work is always first priority.

DAC Ceramics Studio is 1400 sq. ft. providing 12 Brent wheels (including standup and reverse options), 8 Shimpo Aspire wheels, slab rollers, extruder, molds, cone 10 and raku studio glazes, 2 Skutt 1227 electric kilns, raku kiln, and a gas reduction kiln.
Residency includes access to all darkroom equipment and provided chemistry.
DAC Darkroom allows black and white printing with fiber or RC paper up to 16”x20”, and film development. Equipment includes 5 Omega D2 enlargers, ability to print 35mm through 4x5, 1 Super Chromega D enlarger, film dryer, and light table.

Artist Commitment and Responsibilities
The Dougherty Visual Artist Residency is a work exchange program. Residents agree to work approximately 8-12 hours per week at regularly scheduled times. Duties include:

  • Monitoring Independent Study or Open Studio hours
  • Assisting Instructors or DAC staff as required
  • Physical ability to complete tasks including loading and unloading kilns with reasonable accommodations
  • General studio upkeep as assigned
  • Assisting with workshops
  • Working in an open studio setting where the public is able to interact with the artist during public hours
  • Working independently yet cooperatively in a professional studio setting while maintaining self-motivation

 Established Artist Responsibilities
Above responsibilities and:   

  • Teach one three-hour workshop per six month residency term
  • Mentor DAC Emerging Artist Resident(s)
  • Offer time to lead critiques during open studio

Terms of Residency
The Visual Artist Residency term is six months, renewable for another six months (1 year total). An evaluation will be performed at three months to ensure residency requirements are being met, and another evaluation will occur at five months to determine if the residency is renewable for an additional six month term.

The Artist Residency Program is not a funding program. Beyond a materials stipend, the Residency does NOT provide financial or domestic support including transportation, food/meals, or living quarters.

The tentative start date for this residency will be October 1, 2018.

The Julia C. Butridge Gallery is now accepting Exhibit Proposals for 2020.

The deadline to apply for an exhibit is February 17, 2019.  

The Julia C. Butridge Gallery is located in the Dougherty Arts Center, a multi-cultural community arts center with a 150 seat theater, youth and adult arts school, and the gallery’s 2600 square feet of exhibit area in one central and two adjacent spaces all with a track lighting system.  Located in the heart of the arts district adjacent to the Long Center and Butler Park, the Dougherty is a facility of the Parks and Recreation Department, providing personal and professional development opportunities for citizens through the making and sharing of creative arts. 

Audiences and participants of the Dougherty cross disciplines, backgrounds, and levels of exposure to various arts experiences.  We are proud to support emerging through professional artists.  This collision of creative activity contributes to the Dougherty’s long reputation among the arts community as an accessible and nurturing venue and incubator.  Our audiences know us for the diversity of work that has made this center Austin’s oldest neighborhood arts center with an inspiring skyline and a lively arts environment.

How to Apply for the JCB Gallery 2020 Season: 

Submit your application by the deadline of February 17, 2019.  Please scroll down to view application. The online application includes:

1. An Exhibit Proposal, including a description of the exhibit.

2. Artist(s) Statement relating to the body of work to be exhibited

3.  Digital Images:  Please name files with a number and artist last name.  

  •  Individual artists must submit 10 – 20 Digital Images of artwork completed in the past 5 years.  
  • Small groups of up to 6 collaborating artists must submit 5 – 8 Digital Images by each participating artist of work completed in the past 5 years.
  • Organizations must submit 2 - 5 Digital Images by each participating artist of work completed in the past 5 years. 

4. Complete Image List of all artworks submitted. Please include image file name, artist name, title of piece, year created, medium and dimensions that match the image file names that are uploaded.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How often do the exhibits change? 

  • The Julia C. Butridge Gallery strives to provide as many opportunities for artists to exhibit as we can accommodate.  To achieve that goal, our exhibits change every 4-6 weeks.     

How are the exhibits selected?

  • Applications are reviewed and selected by a different panel of jurors each year (names are not disclosed) to promote a balanced season. Applicants are not guaranteed a slot.  Final gallery selections and programming      are approved by the Dougherty Arts Center Management.  The criteria used by the panel is broad.  Jurors rate applications on criteria such as quality, content, and how the work represents or speaks to Austin audiences.  Additional criteria is taken into consideration, such as showing strong and relevant themes, creating a season diverse in mediums, subject matter, artists and/or collaborations, and with the exception of our education partners, how recently the artists exhibited in the JCB Gallery.  

What restrictions are there for works of art? 

  • Few restrictions are placed on the specific work selected.  However, during months with high volume of activities for children, we schedule work that is more appropriate for audiences of all ages.  Graphic subject matter will not be selected.  

Can works of art in the exhibit be sold to the public?   

  • Artists may sell work directly to the public unless they are a City of Austin employee.  The Julia C. Butridge Gallery does not take a commission, and the Dougherty staff does not handle purchases for the artists.    

Who is responsible for hanging the exhibit? 

  • Once offered a spot on the season, exhibiting artists  install and promote their own  exhibit.  Artists provide all their own hardware and tools, and install the work and labels.  The Dougherty staff will prepare the walls between exhibits, and will light the exhibit.  

Is the artwork insured while it is at the JCB Gallery? 

  • Exhibits are afforded property insurance coverage under the Fine-Arts Floater on the City of Austin property insurance policy.  The artist is responsible for the deductible amount, and also for obtaining Commercial General Liability and Host Liquor Liability Insurance for installation, deinstallation and related events if determined necessary.    

Will the JCB Gallery provide marketing? 

  • The JCB Gallery  includes descriptions and some images of exhibits in Dougherty Arts Center marketing, which may include a website, brochure, newsletters,      calendar listings, or other outlets as available.  However, artists are responsible for  promoting their own exhibit.  

How do I apply to have an exhibit? 

  • Applications and images will be accepted on  Applications are due February 17, 2019 for consideration in the 2020 season. 

When will I know if my exhibit is selected? 

  • Applicants will be notified by March 29, 2019 for the 2020 season.

Who can I contact if I have any questions?

  • Contact the Gallery Assistant at

Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Click submit and scroll down to view form.

Dougherty Arts Center